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Dan Eady

Dan Eady


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177 cm







Hair Colour


Shoe Size

8.5 (US)


105 cm


100 cm


100 cm




Dan is an accomplished actor with extensive training and experience in a divers range of relevant genres.


2014 - Greg Apps: HTGMA -Course:RED TEAM Team Brando (Mentoree) 2013 October - December - University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. Course:The Future of Storytelling - MOOC Narratives 2013 - McSweeney - Newman Casting. Course:The Casting Process - Before & After. Screen Acting 2013 - TAFTA & Christine King Casting. Course:One off Workshop Screen Acting 2006 - Nikki Barret & Megan D’Arcy. Course:Casting Workshop Screen Acting 2002 - Tom McSweeney. Course:On Camera Screen Acting 2005 - ASFD Course:Level I UNARMED, ASFD Level II SWORD and DAGGER. Stage Combat 2000-2001, 2004 - University of Southern Queensland. Course:Bach. Theatre Arts - Acting. Acting 2001, 2002, 2003 - Angry Mime Summer School. Course: Body, Character & Ensemble Performance 2002 - Course:Contact Improvisation Movement 1997 - 1999 - Open College of the Arts. Course:Creative Writing & Storylines Fiction Writing 1995 - 1999 - Australian College Of JournalismDiplomaJournalism 1995-1999 - Squit. Course:Trade Certificate Mechanical & Automotive Engineering 1992 - School of Infantry. Course:Reconnaisance Patrolman Warfare


TV Commercial

2018 - 'Customer' for Manulife Hong Kong, Manulife Insurance 2016 - 'Miniature Cowboy' for, Finch Dir: Luke Bouchier 2014 - 'Dinner Host' for Mortein- Stop the Freak Out, Plaza Films Dir: David Wood 2013 - 'Senator II' for Game of Seats - Election 2013, Get Up (National) Dir: Dan Ilic 2004 - 'Ando' for Domestic Violence TVC, QLD Government Dir: Jane Phelan

TV Drama

2019 - 'Gary' for The Pet Killer, Deadrock Films, Rockzeline Dir:Tibo Pinsard 2018 - 'Dr. Lashbrook' for Deadly Intelligence, Beyond Productions Dir: Michael Davie 2017 - 'Heinrich Himmler' - for Hitler's Zombie Army, Wildbear Dir: Serge Ou 2017 - 'Gus' for Doctor Doctor S02E03, Ch 9 | Essential Media Dir: Tori Garrett 2017 - 'Police 1' for Deadly Women, Beyond Productions Dir: John Maverty 2017 - 'Heinrich Himmler' for Nazi Killer Magic, Wildbear Dir: Serge Ou 2017 - 'Heinrich Himmler' for The Nazi Jesus, Wildbear Dir: Serge Ou 2016 - 'Gus' for Doctor Doctor S01E06, Ch 9 | Essential Media Dir: Kriv Stenders 2016 - 'Technician #2' for Hit List, Beyond Productions Dir: John Mavety 2015 - 'Mayford Cop #2' for Rake 4, ABC -Essential Media and Entertainment Dir: Peter Salmon 2015 - 'Burly Biker #2' for The Checkout, S03E12 (2015), ABC TV, Giant Dwarf, Cordell Jigsaw, Zapruder co-production Dir: Josh Reed 2013 - 'Weasel' for The Gods of Wheat Street, 'She Who Supplanted Her Sister', S01E06, ABC - Every Cloud Productions Dir: Wayne Blair 2013 - 'Weasel' for The Gods of Wheat Street, 'The Obligation', S01E01, ABC - Every Cloud Productions Dir: Catriona McKenzie 2012 - 'The Pyschiatrist' for LeadTales of the Asylum (Pilot), Qpix Kelly Chapman - Supervising Producer 2011 - 'Disgruntled Academic' for PPR Organisational Development TV, eLearning Services Dir: Sarah Scully 2009 - 'Hoon' for Down Under Mystery Tour Dir: Michael Noonan

Feature Film

2022 - 'Man 2' for One Winter, Firefly Films Directors: Hamish Bennett / Paul Middleditch

Short Film

2014 - 'Seller' for Ouroboros, Liam Heyen - Producer, Dir: Henry Boffin 2013 - 'Stephen' for The River and the Rough, GFS Dir: Nathan Barrett 2013 - 'Intruder' for Letter to Annabelle, QSFT Dir: Dom Marano 2013 - 'Rob' forJackrabbit, GFS Dir: Stacie Howarth 2013 - 'Bill' for Stuck, GFS Dir: Stacie Howarth & Rachel Maxine Anderson 2012 - 'Health Officer' for Cough, Yarnmaker Dir: Jason Kempnich 2012 - 'Interrogator' for Yama, GFS Dir: Hamish Rutherford 2012 - 'Satan' for The Bible 2.0, GFS Dir: Jason Fitzgerald 2012 - 'Joe' for The Actor, dan_de Dir: Dan Eady 2012 - 'Delivery Man' for Half a Job, GFS, GS 2012 Dir:Daniel Raynor 2012 - 'Jeff' for The Worm Eaters, GFSGS 2012 Dir: Mitch Oehlman 2012 - 'The Savage' for Rain, GFSGS 2012 Dir: Henry Boffin 2012 - 'Office Drug User' for Skull Punch, Pixel Frame/ Excape Craft Dir: Michael Craft 2012 - 'Hit Man' for A Just World, Passage Entertainment Dir: Doan Nguyen 2012 - 'Gangster' for Official Drafting Season, Rebel Spirit Productions Dir: Sarah-Mace Dennis 2011 - 'Pyscho Clown' for Clown Town, Pixel Frame / Qpix Dir: Lucas Thyer 2010 - 'Barry - Lead' for Kangaroo Skull, QPIX Dir: Skye White 2009 - 'Milky' for The Super Zeroes Dir: Eros Romero 2009 - 'Chunky' for Dead Creek, QPIX/PFTC Dir: Ben Southwell 2008 - 'Lead' for Blood on the Cutting Room Floor, Bagna Productions Dir: Shaun Charles 2008 - 'Ted' for The Prams, Parry Leader Films Dir: Jason Hargreaves


Extensive Theatre Resume available.

Voice, MC, Presenting

2022 - 'Doctor - Naval Surgeon' for Dread Hunger, Slow Drive Studios Dir:Alex Quick / Paul Fox (Voice Director) 2012 - 'Narrator2011 RetreatGriffith Institute of Educational Research Dir: Greer Johnson 2009 - 'Worker' for Coates, Austereo MMM B105 Dir: Grant Roberts 2009 - 'Customer' for Pizza Franchise, Austereo MMM B105 Dir: Grant Roberts



American Standard, Australian, Cockney, English, Irish


Clown, Stage Combat

Combat, Weapons, Stunts, Martial Arts

Ex-Australian Infantry.


Car, Motorbike


Horse Riding,


English, Cantonese (basic)

Music & Singing

Singer - Baritone, Low Tenor Choir, Country & Western , Folk, Musical Theatre, Pop, Rock

Other Skills

STUNTS - Have held certificates in stage combat in the past, 
worked with squibs and choreographed by stunties on a 
few productions. Trade qualified as a mechanic. Professional Videography and 
Photography experience. Actor, Director, Facilitator, 
Specialist Performer, Variety Artist, Voice Artist, Writer. 

Other Sports

Abseiling, Cricket, Golf, Rock Climbing , Rugby League, Rugby Union, Soccer, Squash, Yoga, Cycling, Pilates

Voiceover, MC, Presenting

Voice experience

Water Sports

Swimming, Body Boarding , Fishing,